Apco First Harness III, Kiting or Hike & Fly

$289.99 $329.99

Apco First Harness III, Kiting or Hike & Fly

$289.99 $329.99
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First Harness III - A simple and uncluttered harness for ground handling, teaching or soaring flights. ABS control, and enough adjustment to fit all but the largest and very smallest of pilots. Strong, lightweight and durable. The classic starter harness. Also used for Bivouac and high mountain flights. 


  • APCO quick lock buckles are standard
  • Light, simple harness - only 1.6 Kg (without seatplate), 2.145 Kg (with seatplate)
  • One size fits all - with zipper expander (zipper closed S/M size, zipper open L/XL size)
  • Strong and durable fabric for extreme use and long life
  • 2 stage seat plate for added comfort
  • Ideal for schools and ground handling
  • Large rear storage compartment
  • Compatible with externally mounted Mayday rescue system


It is possible to fit a side or front mounted reserve parachute, which can be connected to the reserve attachment points on the shoulders of the harness.


First harness, available in Black with contrasting color for the back - typically Orange, Red, Lime, Blue

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