Apco Split Leg Harness with LOW Hook-In Points


Apco Split Leg Harness with LOW Hook-In Points

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The Split-Leg concept for Paramotor flying opens up new possibilities and sets a new standard, which if fast being followed by many other brands.
Giving up on the seat plate immediately allows for reduction of the weight by a half kilo at least. Absence of hard seat plate, makes it easier to create a design where the power is closer to the body (Less torque effect). Split leg seating allows for improved weight shift  steering, which is great for anyone from beginners to slalom racers.


  • Super Light weight – under 1.5 Kg.
  • Fits most frames with low hook in points
  • Super light ventilated ergonomic back support with specially designed foam to isolate engine vibration.
  • Optional Mirror Kit
  • Extra wide 3D padded shoulder straps for maximum load spreading and carrying comfort.
  • Split leg design for undisturbed running and easier body transition during takeoff and landing
  • Integrated emergency parachute connection loops.
  • New lightweight quick lock buckles specially selected for split legs design – safe and easy to operate.
  • Cloth – high density, strong and durable, but lightweight.
  • All webbing adjusters – lightweight, top grade aluminium, easy to operate.
  • Ergonomic breathable back support
  • Double position main attachment loop for side bar.
  • Loop for pull start bungey cord on both of the shoulder straps.

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