Kyle O School Of Paramotor

Paramotor Instructional techniques offered by Kyle O, and training regimens. How he runs his school, offers personalized pilot progression, and some thoughts on being an instructor.
Basically, a summary of what is offered at The Kyle O School of Paramotor.

The contact information listed below.

Lodging options:
Holiday Motel: 318-539-3551
Melanie’s Lodge on the Line: 512-577-8699
Baker Street Bungalow: 870-833-6475
Levingston Motel: 318-539-9390

Shipping Address: Kyle O’Glee 531 S Main St Springhill, LA 71075

Kyle’s School of Paramotor Group page:
The best way to contact Kyle initially is through email.
His personal Facebook page: Kyle O School Of Paramotor