Vittorazi Helix Propeller (Carbon-Fiber) For Vittorazi Moster & Atom 80

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Vittorazi Helix Propeller (Carbon-Fiber) For Vittorazi Moster & Atom 80

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The Vittorazi propellers are all certified, meaning that they have passed the strictest tests of control, reliability and resistence, such as those for checking the balance of weight, trust, consumption and performance. 

For Moster (all versions) -  measures from 115 cms to 140 cms.
For Atom 80 - measures from 125 cms to 130 cms.

For Cosmos 300 - Measures 150 cms 

  • High reliability and precision due to the duplicable production with models.
  • Propeller blades can be installed easily, in a short time and always have the same setting. No hub is needed.
  • Individual blade can be exchanged relatively easily in case of damage.
  • The use of the reinforced carbon fiber grants the blade high strength with very low weight.

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