Quick release prop hub. (Pre-Orders)


Quick release prop hub. (Pre-Orders)

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Leave your clunky torque wrench and prop bolts at home. You can now install and remove your prop in under 30 seconds!

Whether you break down your machine before every flight, or you just hate having to torque down your prop bolts every time, this Quick-Release Hub is for you. It is compatible with all standard propellers and lets you install or remove the prop in under 30 seconds. Most importantly it keeps it securely locked to the engine. Unlike other similar products, our Quick-Release is very light, has a real locking mechanism and doesn’t require any tools.

Simple Design

The cam lever mechanism takes advantage of  centrifugal forces from the spinning propeller to keep it in the locked position making it impossible to release during flight. It’s made from a durable nylon material (same stuff used in lock nuts) which makes it a very strong and lightweight product which also looks great. The lever is counter-balanced by a weight to cancel any vibrations.

Premium Materials and Lightweight Construction

The hub features an anodized CNC machined aluminum body, stainless steel pins (titanium optional), real 100% carbon fiber prop plate and a Nylon cam-locking mechanism. No shortcuts are taken in the manufacturing of this product and it’s proudly 100% made and finished in-house in the USA. It comes backed by a one year warranty.

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