Premium Throttle


Premium Throttle

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No bulk. No snags. Just a refined throttle that won’t interfere with flying.

When designing this throttle, there was only one goal: to make a perfect throttle that responds to your input but doesn’t interfere with your flying. We promise that you will have an experience like you’ve never had before. There are no knobs, no levers, no springs, no screws, no mirrors; nothing to snag your lines, break, or fall off in flight. It’s incredibly light and comfortable. The kill switch is easy and intuitive to find yet it won’t get pressed without your intent. The strap is soft and comfortable. There are no bells and whistles, yet somehow bells and whistles is all you get.

The throttle can be switched from right to left handed operation and back within a minute (yes that includes moving to the other side of the frame) with absolutely no tools. Velcro style frame attachments allow the throttle to be installed and uninstalled in minutes. 

You can choose a proper 2-finger lever for your pinky and ring finger so you have full control over your toggle or a slightly longer 3-finger one for more precise throttle control. 

The strap can easily be adjusted, even in flight. You can pick between a stretchy material or if you prefer to be firmly connected, a non-stretchy one (or both). 

There is even a tether to prevent the throttle from ever being able to reach the prop, even if you completely let go of it in flight.

Please note: due to the minimalistic design approach, this is a manual start only throttle. Stay tuned though, we plan to develop a version for dual-start machines. 

Premium Materials and Lightweight Construction

The main tube is made from glossy carbon fiber. The lever and top/bottom bodies are made from a durable and lightweight Nylon material. No shortcuts are taken in the manufacturing of this product and it’s proudly 100% made and finished in-house in the USA. It comes backed by a one year warranty.

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